All kids deserve a chance to understand how to create with code. We connect computer science to tweens and teens lives and hobbies, empowering a new generation of coders.




Our Mission

Vidcode began with shared passions. The first was a love for what we do. Tech is creative and exciting. Yet, as women professionals in computer science, we felt a mutual chagrin that tech is still so male dominated. This led us to the second passion – to find a way to teach girls that coding and working in tech is creative and cool! So we spoke with girls. We learned about the disconnect girls feel from computer science classes (we knew how that felt), and the misperceptions, i.e., tech is boring. Soon after, we created Vidcode, a video coding platform designed with girls in mind that is not only self-expressive, but paired with a hobby girls love – creating and sharing videos. As we continue to introduce Vidcode in schools, camps and leadership programs, one thing is clear; girls love it!

Our Team

 Alexandra Diracles creative coder

Alexandra Diracles (Co-founder and CEO) started her career as a photographer and business owner.  She studied computer programming in graduate school and fell in love with the creative potential of code. Since then she has made it her mission to create tools that help diverse teens find their path and passion to code.

 Melissa Halfon computer science educator CTO

Melissa Halfon (Co-founder and CTO) is a self-described math nerd. She studied applied mathematics - which led her to jobs in the army and as a developer for a Quant trading desk in New York City. She found her love for code through math and is committed to creating tools that allow all teens to find their own passion for computer science.

 Leandra Tejedor - Lead Design

Leandra (Co-founder) studied visual communication design at Ramapo College, and has been working in ed tech since. 

 Emily creative coding curriculum

Emily (Curriculum Advisor) learned to code in college and went on to get a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. She has used computer programming to do science, make video games, and teach people.  She loves showing students the enormous power of coding to be creative and solve problems. 


I now know that I can actually use code for something that I’m interested in.
— Lily, 13 years old