Digital Media

online or blended class

In Vidcode’s Digital Media course, students create their own digital media using programming. Students learn to film, edit and publish digital video, as well as use JavaScript to add digital effects to their creations

The course also covers design principles, color theory, and typography. Special attention is given using different types of digital media to convey a social message and the impact of digital media on culture.


Vidcode is a project-based web curriculum with year-long courses that are delivered in units. Our courses are developed in cohesion with one another, and as stand-alone environments. The projects in this course review previously learned concepts and introduce new ones through open-ended projects.The curriculum is designed for a semester-long course that meets five days a week, but it can be implemented in a variety of ways.


Digital Media is an opportunity for students to learn strategies for digital media creation and beginning JavaScript.


Students learn how to create digital media, design, and computer science principles through JavaScript.


Course Overview

Unit 1

Media Creation: Design and Typography

Code Focus:     

  • Variables 
  • Order of Operations 
  • Object, Property, Method 

Unit 2 

Media Creation: Animation

Code Focus:

  • Arrays and Index 
  • Functions and Arguments
  • Libraries

Unit 3 

Media Creation: Adding Effects to Video

Code Focus:

  • Loops 
  • Manipulating Arrays 
  • Commenting, programmer etiquette 

Unit 4

Media Creation: Filming and Editing

Code focus:

  • Conditional (if-else statement) 
  • Calling Functions
  • Variable Scope