Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vidcode?

Vidcode is the most engaging coding curriculum for tweens and teens. Vidcode teaches teens to code by empowering them to create the things they enjoy in their daily lives with code, including video filters and memes. Vidcode is partnered with NYC schools, Facebook VR Education and Snapchat to reach teens all over the world.


How does pricing work?

Vidcode licenses start at $30/seat for an annual license. Get a quote for your classroom or school.


Can I switch students in and out of the seat license?



Is this student-led?

All of the tutorials are student-led, but there are also tools for teachers to lead discussions, presentations and unplugged activities outside of the tutorials.


There isn't a computer science teacher at my school to teach this course.

That's totally fine! Our teacher tools are created for non-technical teachers to use to run a coding course and assess work.


What do students learn?

By the end of our Creative Coding course students will be prepared for an AP CS Principles class.

Students learn JavaScript, the programming language that makes websites interactive.


What if I can't afford this?

We are proud to partner with Pledgecents, where you can ask friends and family for donations toward a Vidcode school license. Learn more