Vidcode Professional Development session - Spring 2017

Vidcode Professional Development session - Spring 2017


It all started when…

...three women met at a Hackathon. Vidcode is a female founded coding company that provides software, curriculum and professional development built with diversity in mind every step of the way.

A few years ago, three female programmers from different backgrounds (Fine art, Math and Design) met a hackathon in New York City. They teamed up with a shared passion to build an online coding platform that speak to teen girls as strongly as it speaks to teen boys.

Years later (with support from Kickstarter, Y Combinator and many many others) Vidcode is used by hundreds of thousands of students around the world in over 20,000 classrooms to teach real programming in an accessible, cutting edge and creative way. Inspired by teenage girls, Vidcode allows students to bring their world into the coding process, by uploading photos and videos and coding them right away with JavaScript.

Vidcode's mission is that every student identifies with being a programmer and has the tools to pursue their passions and express themselves through code.