Free Vidcode workshop (CS06) for NYC DOE teachers!

February 21-23, 2017

Enrollment is limited, and registrations are on a first-come, first-served bases.

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CS06 - Creative Coding in any Curriculum (Grade: 6 to 8)

Bring coding into the classroom through a medium that maximizes engagement for students. Participants will build basic and intermediate JavaScript skills through collaboration on creative projects incorporating variables, loops, conditionals and functions, while developing understanding and communication of fundamental programming concepts. Educators will take away methods and resources for integrating computer programming into their subject area.

Following the STEM Institute, participants will receive additional training through two face-to-face workshops and online sessions with Vidcode curriculum specialists through the 2016-17 school year. These follow-on sessions will equip participants with new lessons and project prompts to scaffold upon what was collected during the STEM institute. Face-to-face sessions and webinars will also enable participants to share classroom learnings (what is and is not working) with each other. The follow-on support will increase participant capacity with respect to computer programming and its role in curriculum as participants continue to learn to code and code to learn. Special Requirement: None.