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Our team is made up of talented educators, programmers and artists. We have offices in New York City and San Francisco.

Vidcode was co-founded by three female developers who met at a Hackathon. Each founder got into computer science from different backgrounds - including math, fine arts and design. They teamed up with a shared mission to build a rigorous and creative online coding platform that appeals as strongly to girls as boys. Five years later and Vidcode is used in over 20,000 schools.

Each of us is committed to working with schools, volunteers, parents and institutions to provide delightful, inclusive and rigorous computer programming curriculum to students everywhere. Vidcode collaborates with school districts, non-profits, grant providers and 3rd party researchers to test and build a powerful and easy to use coding tool for any teacher to leverage.

To learn more about our story please check out the articles below. We are always interested in collaborating to move the computer science for all mission forward. Please don't hesitate to reach out here with ideas!



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