Courses Overview

Courses are student-led and allow non-technical teachers to step into the role of facilitator. Students learn by completing self-led tutorials, solving challenges, completing assessments and creating portfolio-ready final projects.

Level Class periods Grade Club/ Elective Stand-alone Class Integratable into existing class Teacher prep needed
Creative Coding 1 Beg 40 4-12 * * * low
Creative Coding 2 Int 40 5-12 * * low
Creative Coding 3 Adv 40 6-12 * low
AP Computer Science Principles Beg 180 11-12 * high
Cross-disciplinary Beg 8 6-9 * medium
Digital Media Beg 40 6-12 * * * medium

Courses Offered

Creative Coding 1

Students learn the fundamentals of programming and JavaScript through the creation of personalized digital projects. Special emphasis is put on identity, character, and collaboration.


Creative Coding 2

Students build on their knowledge from CC1 with intermediate JavaScript skills and interactive projects.

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Creative Coding 3

Students dive into advanced programming concepts including abstraction and algorithms, customizing their own interactive elements and recombining them to create projects that solve problems. Special emphasis is put on documenting, maintaining, and analyzing code.


AP Computer Science Principles

Expands on the Creativity, Programming, and Algorithms elements of CC1-3 with Data & Information, Abstraction, Global Impacts and the Internet. 


Students engage with computer programming and understand its impact on communication.  

Science - data visualization & analysis, information theory

Social Studies - point of view, compare/contrast, persuasive writing, maps, data

Art - procedural & interactive art that goes beyond human ability

Language Arts - interpretation of ideas, support from textual evidence, persuasive/creative/expository writing

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Design & Technology

Introduces coding and art to students through the lens of digital design. It reviews fundamentals of design through JavaScript and teaches the language designers use.

Digital Media

Students create their own digital media using programming. Special attention is given to using different types of digital media to convey a social message and the impact of digital media on culture.


State-Specific Courses


Art & Technology

(California A-G F approved course)

Vidcode’s Art and Technology course develops students’ understanding of the arts through an examination of the relationship of technology and the arts while guiding them through the process of creating their own multimedia works using programming. 


5-week 7th and 8th Grade Unit

Vidcode’s 7th-8th grade intensive unit was designed to meet the Arkansas Computer Science Standards for the 7-8 Coding Block and  teaches students everything they need to know to begin creating exciting projects with JavaScript.

Professional Development


In-person Professional Development

Our professional development workshops leverage the Vidcode coding platform. This workshop is ideal for teachers from all disciplines who are ready to get started bringing computer programming into their classrooms. No previous computer programming experience is necessary.

Participants leave the workshop with customized lesson plans for their own subject area both within CS and outside of CS.

Online Professional Development

A series of webinars that prepare educators to become their school's computer science champions. Leveraging the Vidcode platform, these online workshops prepare educators to integrate computer science into their schools, and give them the tools to train other educators.