AP Computer Science Principles

blended class

Vidcode’s AP CS Principles course covers the fundamentals of the web, computer science, and programming in JavaScript in an interactive, engaging format.

Students learn through modules that keep the focus on creativity and social impact. The course meets high school students where they are, encouraging them to make connections to their daily life. Vidcode’s focus is on reaching students in underserved communities and teaching them that anyone can be a programmer.

Over 100 hours of curriculum

Vidcode provides a robust curriculum that gives teachers everything they need to support their students including: 

  • lesson plans, 
  • built-in assessments
  • unplugged activities. 


Unit 1

Computers and the Internet

  • The basics of computing
  • Tools for creative expression
  • Binary and hexadecimals

Unit 2

How the Internet Works

  • Internet Protocols
  • Server and client
  • Cybersecurity

Unit 3

Programming with JavaScript

  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Numbers and strings

Unit 4

Data Structures and Loops

  • Arrays and objects
  • For loops, While loops
  • Comments and debugging

Unit 5


  • Conditionals
  • Program Design
  • Collaboration

Unit 6

Algorithms and Modularity

  • Recursion
  • Higher order functions
  • Abstraction

Unit 7

Building Apps With JavaScript

  • Front end vs. back end programming
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries

Unit 8

Big Data and The Internet

  • Representing Data
  • Data art
  • Internet Privacy

Unit 9

Global Impact

  • Social Media
  • Evaluating online sources
  • Sociopolitical Impact

Unit 10

Performance Tasks

  • Preparation for AP Exam