Vidcode is an award-winning software program that teaches teens computer programming through their favorite hobby: video-making. Users can upload mobile videos, code effects, and share with friends.  Built with teen girls in mind by female engineers - Vidcode is a social place for teens to learn programming in groups and share their interactive projects with each other.  These projects include virtual reality, computer vision, hardware and visual effects.

Voted Best Learning Site 2015 by Common Sense Media


Curriculum Lead

We’re hiring a curriculum lead to join our team because we have a problem: customers love our product, we have initiated amazing channel partnerships with Fortune 1000 technology companies, and we do not have the time to build all the computer science curriculum our customers are demanding. Vidcode sells creative coding software, curriculum and teacher training courses to schools, US districts and global partners.

We need a well-rounded curriculum lead to take our curriculum efforts to the next level; someone who can write our 9th, 10th and 11th JavaScript or Python courses; build a 70 hour professional development course; create creative virtual reality tracks. The right candidate will work with the founders on creating coursework for upcoming school years. The ideal candidate will have multiple years experience teaching in the classroom, an understanding of school and government standards (common core, math etc) and be a proficient programmer.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Experience teaching in the classroom
  • Experience writing curriculum for schools
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and Python
  • Love for creative coding (VR, Processing etc)
  • Ability to hire and train staff
  • Passionate about getting teen girls and other underrepresented students to study computer science

Full time position with competitive salary and equity package.

Please email with a cover letter and resume.