Creative Coding 1


In the Vidcode Creative Coding 1 curriculum students learn the essential foundations of computer science and basic programming with a focus on identifying how code connects to and can enhance their existing interests.

In this course, students will learn the material equivalent to a semester long intro to programming course in college and will be able to program in JavaScript.



Vidcode is a project-based web curriculum with year long courses that are delivered in units. Each unit consists of student-led tutorials, practice activities, discussions, assessment and lesson plans.

Our courses are developed in cohesion with one another, and as stand-alone environments.  Each project is open ended and allows for continual experiment and interaction.  

We use NO video tutorials and provide skill building quizzes, assessment, challenge problems and unit tests.

The curriculum is designed for a semester long course that meets five days per week though schools implement this in a variety of ways!


Who is this for?

The Vidcode Creative Coding 1 course is built for complete beginners in middle or high school.  We provide extended learning modules for more advanced students who may move through the material more quickly.



Students learn the fundamentals of computer programming with an emphasis on concept building, creative arts and confidence!


Course Overview

Unit 1: How to make things and change them with code

Topics Covered:
    •    Variables
    •    Order of Operations
    •    Xy grid activity ideas
    •    Object, Property, Method

Unit 2: The Creation Zone

Topics Covered:
    •    Arrays and Index
    •    Function, Argument, Property
    •    Libraries

Unit 3: A Tale of Special Effects

Topics Covered:
    •    Loops
    •    Manipulating Arrays
    •    Commenting, programmer etiquette

Unit 4: Conditional Magic

Topics Covered:
    •    Conditional (if-else statement)
    •    Calling Functions
    •    Function Scope